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Air Conditioning A/CWhile a dependable cooling system is critical to home comfort during the dog days of summer, it also represents a large portion of your energy usage.  Over recent years, air conditioning has advanced significantly in design and efficiency.  Today’s units use 30% to 50% less energy to produce the same amount of cooling as comparable models from forty years ago.  By upgrading a system that is only ten years old, you stand to save 20% on cooling costs.  Modern equipment is also much quieter, offers enhanced humidity management, convenient diagnostic ports, and protects the environment with non-ozone depleting refrigerant.

When you’re in the market for affordable luxury, look no further.  As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, Brian and Sons Inc specializes in the best defense again the heat and humidity of Montgomery area summers.  For over one hundred years, Bryant has continued to raise and meet expectations for indoor cooling.  The Bryant Evolution System has earned Consumer Digest Best Buy Status, while the Preferred Series and Legacy Line models offer economical performance.  No matter the style or size of your home, Bryant has a solution to perfectly match your needs.

Bryant Air Conditioner InstallationAir Conditioning Installation in North Aurora IL, Aurora IL, Geneva IL, Montgomery IL, St Charles IL, Oswego IL & Batavia, IL

Air ConditioningThe Bryant Evolution System is the pinnacle of whole-home comfort, and ENERGY STAR certified in all sizes.  Achieving up to 20 SEER, sound as low as 66dB, these models are also environmentally responsible, utilizing non-ozone depleting Puron refrigerant.  Two-stage scroll compressor allows for superior dehumidification and improved Indoor Air Quality through longer run times on low stage operation.  Heavy gauge steel construction and DuraFlow louvered grill coil guard promote durability.

The Bryant Evolution Variable Speed Air Conditioner fits discreetly into any landscape.  The attractive louvered cabinet safeguards against physical damage to the coil.  Small but powerful, this model achieves up to 19 SEER, and uses unique inverter technology and a rotary compressor to provide variable-speed comfort control.  With high-efficiency, low-stage cooling, this unit can operate down to 25% capacity for ultra-quiet 56dB operation.

Count on the Bryant Preferred Series to cut utility bills while boosting comfort.  Reaching 17.7 SEER, with operational sound no louder than your dishwasher, these models feature two-stage scroll compressor and galvanized steel construction.  The Bryant Legacy Line offers economical cooling, scroll compressor, galvanized steel construction, dense wire coil guard, and delivers 16.5 SEER and sound down to 72dB.

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Once you’ve selected the ideal system, an experienced and knowledgeable contractor is necessary to get the most out of your new equipment.  The team from Brian and Sons Inc is committed to ensuring safe, efficient, and reliable cooling.  We check for adequate installation space to allow proper airflow, maintenance, and service of your cooling system.  Since ductwork is essential to performance, we carefully fit, insulate and seal all ductwork.  We inspect all supply and return registers, and through location of the condensing unit, make sure airflow is not restricted, and noise isn’t a problem.

Through knowledgeable recommendations and meticulous installation, Brian and Sons Inc has given Montgomery area homeowners the keys to pleasant and relaxing summers.  The brutal temperatures and merciless humidity may pose a challenge, but our NATE-certified technicians have the factory training, years of experience, and necessary product insight to answer it.  By factoring in much more than square footage, we will match your specific needs to the ideal system.  We offer no credit check financing, 100% satisfaction guarantees, and an unmatched commitment to service.  When you leave your comfort up to Brian and Sons Inc, you’ll experience a whole new level of enjoyment.

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