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ductlessThere is a simple, cost-effective and rewarding solution to keeping a comfortable home without traditional ductwork.  These systems are great for older homes, spaces that are too hot or cold, or when you put on an addition.  With nothing more than an outside wall and access to electricity, you’ll enjoy year round temperature control.  There’s none of the expense and mess of cutting holes through walls and ceilings for ductwork.  There’s none of the energy losses and dust associated with ductwork.  With a ductless mini split system, clean, quiet, and efficient control is right at your fingertips.  And when you trust the installation process to the professionals from Brian and Sons Inc, you’ll benefit from timely, accurate, and conscientious service.

Consider a ductless HVAC system for your home or business!

One of the main advantages of ductless HVAC is the ability to heat and cool specific zones.  Conditioning only those rooms that are occupied saves on wasted energy and utility bills.  Answering individual preferences for temperature control delivers superior comfort.  Modern advancements in design has brought variable speed technology to ductless systems.  This groundbreaking feature enables components to continuously adjust speed to answer the heating/cooling requirements of the home.  Multiple fan speeds, wireless remotes, outstanding efficiency in both heating and cooling mode, and sound levels no louder than a gentle hum make the installation of ductless HVAC an investment into a superior home environment.

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Proper installation is essential to efficient, lasting, and consistent operation.  Years of in-field experience, industry training, and firsthand product knowledge allows the team from Brian and Sons Inc to manage your project perfectly from start to finish.  Our NATE-certified technicians remain up to date with advancements in design, features, and technology.  Regardless of the challenge your home or work space may present, Brian and Sons Inc responds with a solution that satisfies your highest expectation for cost, control, and overall satisfaction.  Family owned and operated for over fifteen years, we continue to improve comfort in homes and businesses in Montgomery and throughout North Aurora IL, Aurora IL, Geneva IL, Montgomery IL, St Charles IL, Oswego IL & Batavia, IL.

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